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Over the next few months we would like to introduce you to some of our members in more detail, and share with you some of the reasons they chose to implement The Code in their organizations.

Myanmar Polestar Travels & Tours joined The Code in 2013.  Mr Kyaw Min Htin, from Myanmar Polestar Travels & Tours  kindly answered some questions about his experience and motivation for joining The Code.

Please explain some of your reasons for joining The Code

“Myanmar Polestar is aware of the good and bad things tourism development can bring to a destination. Bearing this in mind, we ought to be cautious on the way things are managed in Myanmar, a country where tourism is still in an embryonic stage, therefore fraught with challenges.

In our company, we also believe that it’s always better safe than sorry and often the socio-cultural and environmental impacts caused by tourism development can be irreversible. Therefore, when it comes to promoting sustainable tourism practices and most importantly, preserve our yet pristine environment and genuine peoples, we are engaged in raising awareness about sex tourism in the country and to join forces in order to prevent that this phenomenon reaches Myanmar.”

Did you already know about issue of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in areas that your company operates in before joining?

“Fortunately we have not experienced any issue of such a nature, but it’s better to act now to prevent undesirable cases of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.”

Roughly how much time were you considering joining The Code for?

“Approximately 2 months.”

Once you decided to join, how easy was signing up on the website?

“Extremely easy.”

What benefits/support do you expect from your Code membership?

“Dealing with representatives from The Code was extremely easy from the very beginning. Their availability and efficiency in replying to our queries, as well as the laudable actions they conduct with other tourism companies worldwide, played a crucial role when considering Myanmar Polestar enrolment.

We would like to assist The Code to organize a national workshop in August in Myanmar to raise awareness among other stakeholders so that we can join hands.”

Have you logged in to your membership portal? If so, please let us know how you found it?

“Yes, I have.

It’s very user-friendly and provides a very clear picture of the things that members should comply. However, we would like to receive the brochure in Myanmar language as soon as possible to reach a wider audience as well as new modules so that our staff can do them on-line.”

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