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Join over 300 global leaders around the world to end the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

Mitigate risks

Ensure your business can respond to risks or costs associated with this crime by actively taking action to protect children.

Create a child safe business

Implement policies and procedures that will keep children safe across the globe whilst also attracting responsible customers.

Gain access to training and support

Gain access to free online training for your staff and support to implement the six criteria of The Code and keep children safe.

Application Process

The Code welcomes applications for membership from a wide range of business and organisations. This includes the travel and tourism industry, volunteering organisations, companies whose employees travel for work, the ICT industry and more.

As a member of The Code, your company will commit to implementing six criteria to keep children safe.

  1. Establish a policy and procedures against sexual exploitation of children and regulation of the voluntourism.
  2. Train employees in children’s rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation and how to report suspected cases.
  3. Include a clause in contracts throughout the value chain stating a common repudiation and zero tolerance policy of sexual exploitation of children.
  4. Provide information to travellers on children’s rights, the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and how to report suspected cases.
  5. Support, collaborate and engage stakeholders in the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.​
  6. Report annually on the implementation of the six criteria of The Code.

Annual Revenue

Membership Fee

0 – 500,000 Euros per year

50 Euros per year

500,000 – 2.5 million Euros per year

300 Euros per year

2.5 – 50 million Euros per year

800 Euros per year

Over 50 million Euros per year

2,000 Euros per year

Membership fees can be paid securely online via PayPal.

Members of The Code adhere to a strict voluntourism and orphanage tourism policy to ensure children are protected. If your company has any volunteering we recommend you read this policy before you begin your application.

The Code does not accept membership of organisations involved in voluntourism activities which:

  • have orphanages and other residential care centres incorporated (or with the possibility to incorporate) in tourism programs or packages.

The Code does accept membership of organisations involved in voluntourism activities that:

  • limit child-related voluntourism activities to supervised teaching, sports, day–care centres and that have clear policies and procedures in place to minimise the risks and maximise the benefit to children in these settings do not focus directly on children.

Members and applicants that are involved in voluntourism activities are required to adhere to an extra minimum set of criteria, on top of the six criteria of The Code.

Read the policy in English and German.

Our members are supported in-country by local organisations called Local Code Representatives or ‘LCRs’. This includes supporting you to develop your implementation plan, developing child protection policies and training staff.

Find our LCRs here.

Top Members are companies who have gone above and beyond to successfully implement all six criteria of The Code. Once achieved, your company will be recognised as a ‘Top Member’ on our website and gain access to a ‘Top Member’ logo certificate demonstrating your commitment to protecting children from sexual exploitation.

We can create greater awareness of child sexual exploitation by communicating with travellers, international operators, and local tourism suppliers. We feel that if we have the power to make a difference like that then it would be wrong not to.

Anne van der Tuuk

Abang Africa Travel

Top Members


The Code Brochure

Learn more about The Code and the benefits of becoming a member.


The Code Voluntourism Policy

This policy outlines the risks of various forms of voluntourism, including orphanage tourism, and states the criteria by which organisations may apply to join The Code.


The Six Criteria Flyer

Download our flyer to learn more about the six criteria of The Code.

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