Member Best Practice – Cluster Turistico del Destino Puerto Plata

Clúster Turístico Destio Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) called on the executives of companies in the tourism value chain to inform them about the problem of sexual exploitation of children and how they can help by becoming members of The Code and actively prevent this crime in Puerto Plata.
The meeting took place in July 2023 and was attended by the Local Representative of The Code in the Dominican Republic, the MAIS-ECPAT organization. It was attended not only by hotels and tour operators, but also by advertising companies, event organizers and stores, and any related service providers.

The monthly newsletters include information about this crime, how to prevent it and The Code initiative.


In the talks on Tourism Culture that they organize for schools and universities, they explain to students the role that each person has in ensuring a responsible and sustainable tourist destination, including the problem of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and how to prevent this. crime, also mentioning The Code initiative as a tool for the private travel and tourism sector. In this way, not only students and future professionals are sensitized but also the teaching staff. In this way, the Cluster projects itself as an organization that ensures responsible tourism in Puerto Plata.
Information shared by: Ambra Attus, Directora Ejecutiva, Cluster Turistico del Destino Puerto Plata
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