ECPAT Indonesia join The Code in the role of Local Code Representative

The Code is pleased to announce our partnership with ECPAT Indonesia who will take on the role of Local Code Representative to expand support to Code members and the travel and tourism industry to protect children in Indonesia.

Local Code Representatives or LCRs, play a vital role in the operations of The Code in engaging the national travel and tourism industry in child protection. LCRs are the in-country focal point for The Code and provide support to Code members through training on how to identify and report child sexual exploitation, advising on policies, tools and procedures and sharing good practices from other members.

The Code currently has one member based in, and 19 members with operations in Indonesia.

ECPAT Indonesia is a national network of organisations and individuals working together to eliminate child prostitution, child pornography, and trafficking of children for sexual purposes with 22 members and two individuals in 11 provinces in Indonesia. ECPAT Indonesia is also a member of the ECPAT International network of 109 members in 96 countries.

ECPAT Indonesia is committed to strengthening national actions in the efforts to prevent and eliminate the sexual exploitation of children within the country by building collaboration with cross-sector key stakeholders including civil society and broader child rights organisations, academics, professionals, government bodies, private sector, and international agencies.

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