ECPAT Austria welcomes three new child safe travel companies to The Code

On 3 June, Local Code Representatives ECPAT Austria welcomed Loro Trips, Karmalaya and TravelWorks to The Code during a signing ceremony in Salzburg.

As new members these companies have committed to take simple yet powerful steps to protect children from harm including training staff to respond to cases of exploitation, creating awareness amongst travellers and engaging partners and stakeholders to advance the fight to end the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

As the travel industry expands, so do the risks for children. In places like hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, massage parlours and even on the street in plain view, children are often at risk for sexual exploitation.

The travel industry and tourists are essential eyes and ears for law enforcement to identify and report suspected cases of sexual exploitation. The travel and tourism industry also has a responsibility to ensure that their facilities are not misused by travelling child sex offenders who, in a foreign country or place, feel a sense of anonymity and impunity.

Barbara Breidenbach of Loro Trips signs the agreement with The Code
Matthias Eckert of Karmalaya signs the agreement with The Code next to Catherine Maislinger of ECPAT
Stefanie Hargart of TravelWorks and Carherine Maislinger of ECPAT after signing the agreement with The Code

By joining The Code, travel and tourism companies gain access to practical tools and resources to use in their day to day business activities to keep children safe and join global leaders in responsible tourism.

Loro Trips, Karmalaya and TravelWorks are now in the process of adapting and implementing strong child protection policies with support from ECPAT Austria.

The Code currently has four members based in Austria and 15 members with operations. As new Local Code Representatives ECPAT Austria has had a very successful first year and are looking forward to sharing their achievements towards the end of 2019.

Want to protect children in travel and tourism? Find out how you can become a member of The Code here.

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