Mauritius launches its first Symposium on Child Protection against all sorts of exploitation including commercial and sexual exploitation in travel and tourism

The official launching was held on 30th November by the Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius  Mr. Paramasiven Vyapoory G.O.S.K and in the presence of the Hon. Minister of Gender Equality, Child Protection and Family Welfare, Mrs. Aurore Perraud and the main collaborators of the symposium namely Mr. Christian Lefevre, Owner and General Manager of Coquille Bonheur, Mrs. Vishnee Payen Group Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of LUX* Resorts & Hotels , Mr. Maga Ramasamy , Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Manager Air Mauritius.

Various stakeholders attended the opening ceremony: Representatives of various hotels, The Airport Police, the Police child and family protection, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and family Welfare, Airport Customs, Airport Authorities, NGOS and other Tourism Professionals, the Chairperson of the CSR National Committee and well-wishers.

The Association Airline Ambassadors (AAA) which is the Local Code Representative coordinated the symposium. It was an occasion to know more about The Code International which aims to assist various tourism partners to adopt the Child protection as a CSR instrument and to be part of their company strategy to promote the destination as a safe and ethical destination.

Mr. Frans De Man from Holland who is a responsible and sustainable tourism consultant and also involved from the beginning in putting in place The Code International was invited to be the moderator of the symposium. It was also an occasion to have Mr. Yann Grandin representative of the UNICEF Madagascar as well to share his experience of child protection against sexual exploitation in Madagascar.

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