IHG affirms commitment to protecting children in travel and tourism

Multinational hospitality company IHG has proudly announced its commitment to tackle child sexual exploitation by becoming a member of The Code. With over 2,300 hotels across the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, IHG’s commitment to tackling sexual exploitation in travel and tourism will play a huge role in protecting children worldwide. Their trained staff operating in over 100 countries will now know how to detect, report and protect children in suspected cases of sexual exploitation.

“We will not tolerate it [human trafficking], or those who would enable it, in the IHG system of hotels, and we are empowering all of our colleagues with the tools, resources and support they need to combat this crime on every level.”

Chief Executive of IHG, The Americas, Elie Malouf

IHG offers holidays for all; from budget-friendly short-stay accommodation to luxury resorts. Given the latest research from The Global Study, it has become clear that children from all walks of life can be exploited in any part of the globe. Nowhere is immune from this ever-evolving crime. The partnership of corporations such as IHG is fundamental in presenting a united front to this crime and increased protection for children.

Find out more from IHG’s press release here.

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