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ECPAT Germany is offering various training workshops on combating the sexual exploitation of children in tourism. One very important focus are workshops for tourism students. These training workshops introduce the problem of sexual exploitation of children in tourism and deal with legal aspects and profiles of offenders.  Furthermore, these training workshops include information about The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism [The Code] as an effective measure in protecting children from sexual exploitation in tourism. In order to demonstrate how the participants can act in future when getting to know about incidences or encountering offenders, practical exercises are included show possible solutions.

Almost all institutes on tourism management in Germany are collaborating with ECPAT Germany. In 2011, 36 training workshops were completed and 858 students were reached. These workshops are effective to spread The Code as well as to activate students to write assignments on the issue and bring the top of child protection into the enterprises they are working for as interns and later to include it in their work live. The feedback is very positive especially on the interactive components of the training workshops.

In addition, ECPAT Germany also conducts training workshops for the tourism industry, such as courses for regional tourist guides and destination workshops in different countries. Moreover, there is also the free of charge E-learning course which shows specific solutions for different branches of the tourism industry to fight sexual exploitation of children in tourism destinations. The course is hosted by the German Seminar of Tourism (Deutschen Seminar fürTourismus) –  please see link at bottom for access to the E-learning.

The training workshops are conducted by trainer teams that consist of one ECPAT trainer and one police representative. All trainers working for ECPAT Germany are trained once a year in a three days ‘Training Of Trainer’ course. This is not only to update them on new developments but also to focus on didactics; in order to assure that they meet the same quality in the trainings as well as to keep on improving our training quality.  Every year there is another focus workshop for the training of trainer, for example: last year focused on the personality of the trainers and their self-presentation.  ECPAT Germany’s training manual has expanded with new materials after each of these workshops and the use of evaluation forms for feedback is extremely important to capture feedback for continuous improvements of the training workshops.

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