The Code’s new team!

As The Code stands in front of an important phase of strengthening and expanding, the team changes to benefit the organisation. Some staff have remained the same: Andreas [General Manager] and Mam [Project Manager] and Iain [Consultant for CRM and E-learning], we also have welcome new staff to Bangkok:

– Kathya, newly arrived from France, is our current marketing and communications intern. In the next 10 months, she will use her background to develop a new marketing approach for The Code;

– Rafaela is our Swedish-Brazilian intern with a journalist and human rights background. She will be help The Code with various media and fund raising activities for the 3 months;

– Lastly, coming from Italy is our visual communication expert; Simone will use his experience as a photographer and anthropologist to strengthen The Code’s visual branding, marketing and communications.

From left : Rafaela, Mam, Simone, Andreas, Iain and Kathya

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