Skål International 2018 Sustainable Tourism Awards

A total of 62 entries from 31 countries are this year competing to win the Sustainable Tourism Awards that Skål International (the leading worldwide organization of travel and tourism professionals) will present during the Opening Ceremony of the 79th Skål World Congress in Mombasa, Kenya, on 18 October.

These awards were introduced 17 years ago and have grown in significance year on year. Three prominent and distinguished judges will evaluate the responsible projects submitted according to several criteria such as nature preservation, carbon offsetting, climate change mitigation, human rights protection, local employment, etc.

View the list of participants here.

With the exponential growth in tourism over the past few decades, tremendous strain has been put on the tourism industry as a whole so it is imperative that all sectors of the industry adhere to all aspects of Sustainable tourism.

Skål International is an Affiliated Member of the UNWTO and supports The Code, PATA, IIPT, STI among others.

For any question regarding the Sustainable Tourism Awards, please contact:

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