City Lodge acknowledged as best practice of The Code by FTTSA

12 May 2013 – Indaba Travel Show, South Africa

The Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct, an instrument of self-regulation and corporate social responsibility developed to provide increased protection to children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism – and referred to as The Code, is increasingly being supported by the South African tourism industry.

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) Executive Director, Jennifer Seif says there are currently 40 Code signatories from accommodation providers, tour operators and car hire companies, and 15 supporters from industry associations and government departments that have signed or pledged support to protect children from sexual exploitation in South Africa.

Fair Trade Tourism is the Local Code Representative in South Africa. Fair Trade Tourism acknowledged City Lodge at Indaba yesterday as being an example of best practice for rolling out the Code and providing staff training in all 52 of their hotels throughout South Africa.

According to City Lodge group CEO, Clifford Ross the City Lodge group embraces the spirit of the Code and the identification of child sex tourism in the industry. In playing its part and taking an active role in getting the message out to as many people as possible, the group embarked on a roll-out of the Code to all 52 City Lodge group hotels around South Africa.

“Presentations and workshops were held at every hotel, during which the message of the Code and how everyone can assist in identifying signs that the practice of child sex tourism is taking place and what to do if this practice is evident in their establishment, was conveyed to staff,” he says.

Sheila Hair, a senior General Manager in the City Lodge group conducted training throughout the country, as the initiative was championed by her following a trip overseas. “The City Lodge group of hotels is very proud to be doing its part in highlighting the Code and getting the message across that child sex tourism cannot be allowed in South Africa,” says Ross.

Original article was published on page 16 of the Indaba Daily News – 12 May 2013 Edition.

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